Kissing a Lizard…or the Kangaroo Scratches his Balls

Well, somebody had to do it!!

I’ve never been a fan of zoos because what I knew of zoos came from childhood memories of seeing lions, tigers, orangutans, and giraffes all hangin’ out in concrete cells with people peering at them over huge walls.  This is why when my friend suggested that we go to the Melbourne Zoo when we were in Australia last summer, I was most hesitant.  She assured me that it was nothing like the zoos of old, so I agreed to go…and I found it to be amazing!

Of course, I can’t visit a place without the “only me” factor figuring in.  Apart from on Wild Kingdom, I had never seen a kangaroo.  Astonishingly, they are fenced in, and we could just walk among them.  Like the hoards of tourists there that day, I had to have a photo.  I found the perfect roo and went to take his picture.  Now, you may be wondering how I knew that it was a male kangaroo…do they have some distinguishing feature that is apparently obvious??  Why yes, they do…balls.  Yep, as soon as I went to snap the photo, he lifted his leg and gave his balls an almighty scratching.

What are ya looking at, Lady??

I loved how the kangaroos were impervious to the people around them and continued on with their afternoon naps.

Be very, very quiet!

Now I am surefire sucker for something cute and cuddly, and the sleeping Koala had me feeling all warm and fuzzy inside.


Nearing the end of our visit, we came upon the orangutan house.  The zookeepers were trying desperately to get a rogue female back inside, but she was having none of it.

Right turn, Clyde!!

So in the end, the Melbourne Zoo turned out to be a wonderful place chock full of animal adventures.

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