Kangaroo Scrotum Souvenirs…Or Why I Didn’t Drink Much in Australia

Ok, so the kangaroo scrotum souvenirs have nothing at all to do with why I didn’t drink much in Australia.  I had fully expected to enjoy a roaring nightlife while there, but that didn’t happen.  The culprit for this disaster was the 14 hour time difference!!  I just couldn’t get used to it, which is why I would be ready to go to bed at 7 or 8 o’clock in the evening!  We did manage a few beers at lunchtime, but we were just too damn tired to go out jukin’ after a long day of exploring.  So, since I don’t have raucous stories of boozin’ it up down under, I’ll tell you about some of the more interesting things that I saw.

I managed to have a couple of beers!

First there was the hotel.  When I tag along with my TPIC (that’s our language for which you will need a secret decoder ring to translate) when she goes on business trips, I’m always amazed by the poshness of the hotels.  This trip to Melbourne certainly didn’t disappoint.  We stayed on the 42nd floor and had a fabulous view of Olympic Park.  The upper floors of the hotel were open with yards and yards of fabric draped from floor to ceiling.

Olympic Park

At the Queen Victoria Market, you could buy just about anything.  Some of my favorites were the variety of meats on offer and the brightly painted didgeridoos and boomerangs.

I love the “etc.”!!!

Yes, I bought one…it sits atop my bookshelf!!

Flying toys!!

At the train station, there’s a little shop where you can buy churros, but these aren’t just any churros.

I had a chocolate one stuffed with cream!!

So I knew that I would see many things kangaroo in Australia, but I really wasn’t expecting to see a pouch that was both made from “genuine kangaroo scrotum” and had said phrase emblazoned on the front of it.

It kind of looks like he’s holding on to his balls for dear life!!

I’ve always been a fan of Dame Edna, so I was happy to see some of her dresses on display at the Arts Center.

I definitely need one of these!!

It outrageous…and I love it!!

I loved everything about Melbourne, but the penguins were definitely my favorite!!

Zoom, zoom!!

Just checkin’ things out!!

And to wrap up this photographic jaunt through Melbourne are some birds of paradise from the Royal Botanic Gardens.

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