The Weird, The Wacky, & The Wonderful…A Photo Essay

I love the Atocha Train Station in Madrid because it has a tropical garden right in the center of it.


Strolling through Lisbon, I came upon this tow truck…very different than what we have in the U.S.


When I was in Madrid, a friend of mine told me that he knew someone who had won an Oscar and asked if I’d like to see it. Um, yes please.  It’s true what many people say when they win one…the damn thing is heavy.


In Melbourne, Australia, I stayed in a Sofitel that I.M. Pei helped design.  It was so cool!



I love churros, but I’ve only ever had them plain.  And then I found Churro Heaven in Melbourne.  I’ve never seen such a variety.


While in Australia, I took a day long tour along the Great Ocean Road.  Apart from playing Village People songs in the van along the way, the trip was fantastic and amazing.  Here a two signs that made me giggle.



When I went to Copenhagen, I took a day trip to Malmö, Sweden.  I was struck by the oddness of the mannequins with cut out paper faces that were positioned randomly around the interior of a church.  I asked about it, but could never figure out their purpose.



In the Glyptotek in Copenhagen, I came across this display of plaster body parts.  Apparently, in the 19th century, it was de rigueur to make versions of body parts that were missing from statues.  In the 20th century, making these “corrections” fell out of fashion, so they were removed and now reside in this display.


These are bitterballen…little fried balls of yumminess.  I’m still not sure what was in them, but I do know that the mustard that was served with them was the hottest I’ve every encountered.  Good thing I had a beer to wash it down with. Oh, and those little pickled onions were good…but would have been better served in a Gibson.


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